Courageously Living in Reverse

We often like going forward but we don’t like going backwards. However, there are moments when God calls us to go in reverse. Though it’s not always encouraging when we’re told to go back the way we came, comfort comes in knowing that God sends us back for a reason. Tyler concludes our series on […]

Courage To Navigate Through The Valleys

We all have or will face moments that challenge us; when we feel really low. Where we look in these moments and what we allow into our hearts and minds will define whether or not we make it to the other side. Elijah faced a moment of despair where he was in a depressive state […]

Courageously Living In The Gap

We’re living between two realities – the world we currently live in and the Kingdom to come! However, the challenge is to understand how we are to live in and bridge the gap between the two. Elijah demonstrates how this is possible.

Courage in Sacrifice

We all, at some point or another, are faced with a choice: To choose God or to choose to be apart from Him! Israel faced the same situation when Elijah confronted them on which “god” they will follow completely. It’s in these moments where we realise that in order to fully trust in and live […]

Courageous Surrender

When faced with a desperate situation, how do we respond? Often the biggest battle we have to navigate is the one to relinquish personal control and surrender completely to God. As we continue our series, we uncover how surrender can also be a mark of great courage!

Courage Displayed

Elijah was a man of great courage. When we first encounter him in Scripture, we see this courage displayed straight away in his response to God’s instruction. Tyler unpacks this encounter with helpful and challenging applications that are useful for us today.