When we look at Jesus and His impact on the world, descriptive words are always used. Jesus coming to this world is a source of great joy. As we look to the greatest gift given, the most significant event in history, may we be filled with this great joy for all to behold.


Love is a word that is often said frequently without an apparent understanding to the depth of its meaning. When we look to God, we see how He demonstrated the greatest example of perfect love, even if it is not reciprocated.


When we understand the fullness of the coming Christ, it brings and gives hope even today! What was so significant about the prophecy of this coming King? What is this hope? Why not take a listen and be encouraged.

Leaving A Faith Legacy

We all will leave a legacy – good or bad. As we conclude our series, we see how Paul, nearing the end of his life, wants to leave a good legacy and so does his upmost to encourage Timothy to persevere in living a life of faith. How do you want to live now? How […]

Live Out The Calling of God

As believers, we live for the audience of one; God! Rather than living for the approval of others, we live to serve and proclaim all that Christ is. Paul encouraged the young leader Timothy to persevere in his calling to preach Christ. That same encouragement is also true for us – to not follow our […]

The Value of Scripture

In this world, we can forget the value of something that has been entrusted through generations. The same is true of Scripture. To stand for Jesus does not mean that we should go with the flow. God has called us to live for Him, not for ourselves. When we begin to grasp Scripture, it’s origin, […]

Instructions For Believers

Being a believer is difficult. Jesus never said following Him would be easy. For this reason, we must be wary of the world we live in, its influence and pull, as well as how to navigate as faithful servants of Christ. As we continue our series, Tyler breaks down the key instructions Paul gave Timothy […]

What’s Your Inner Climate Like?

Climate change is not a new agenda but one that can often be overlooked. Similarly, the state of our inner climate can often be forgotten as we navigate each and every day. As we continue our series, we focus on three key questions that challenge us to look within and assess whether or not our […]

Guard The Good Deposit

If you follow a pattern you should reach or achieve the final result that the pattern was intended for. However, failure to follow the pattern will mean the result won’t be as intended. As we continue our series, we uncover the value of following the pattern of “sound teaching” that enables us to live out […]

Holding On When Others Are Letting Go

Many are abandoning the Gospel! The Apostle Paul did not want it to die in his hands, so he passed it over to Timothy to carry it on. As believers, we are called to not be ashamed of the Gospel we hold to, but be willing to suffer for it to be proclaimed – for […]