The Nature of God’s Love

Every heart cries out and yearns for love. If love is not received, it develops bitterness and resentment within us. Why is the love of God so important? How does it differ to our own human portrayals of love? When we realise the nature of God’s love, we can begin to understand just how awe-inspiring […]

The Necessity of Jesus and the Cross

The Good News is often misunderstood or often misrepresented. What is the significance of the cross of Christ? What does it really mean for us? Alex helps bring clarity on the necessity of Jesus and the cross.

The Beautiful Disciplines

We may know what disciplines are for our benefit but are we actively living them out in our day to day? Hannah, with the help of our Youth, bring insight on some key disciplines that will aid us in our walk with God.

Mind The Gap

We all go through seasons of transition. At times these can be difficult as we can often long for what was instead of looking ahead, with eager anticipation, to what is to come. This space in-between can be disregarded as to it’s importance. What does it mean to mind the gap? Tune in to find […]

What It Means To Win

In the Christian walk, it is often more about the journey than it is the prize. In his final service with us, Tyler shares on what it means to win and the key principles we can apply to our day-to-day lives. *We apologise for the drop in audio for 6 minutes of this recording.

The Importance of Discipline

Discipline unlocks certain key attributes that will enable us to run our race for God and reach the finish line with no regrets! Are we willing to get out of the starting blocks and apply disciplines that will bear good fruit in the long run? Sometimes in order to see transformation in our lives we […]

Running to Win

Paul encourages us to “run in such a way as to get the prize!” How are we running our race? Are we running to win? When we recognise God is calling us to be the best we can be in our relationship with Him, the question we should ask is, “What does it look like […]

Born for Significance

We often compare ourselves with the successes and significances of others. Most people do not want to be significant out of fear of being put down for having their head above water. What if we saw ourselves as God sees us? What if by viewing ourselves through His eyes, we redefine our lives, living out […]

Courageously Taking Control of Your Destiny

We are body, soul, and spirit and as such must look after each part. Though we may well look after our bodies, and our souls (mind), we may forget to cultivate our spiritual lives. As believers, we are called to radiate the love of God to those around us, but are only able to do […]

Courageously Living in Reverse

We often like going forward but we don’t like going backwards. However, there are moments when God calls us to go in reverse. Though it’s not always encouraging when we’re told to go back the way we came, comfort comes in knowing that God sends us back for a reason. Tyler concludes our series on […]